Red White & Bloom

Building on our first-mover advantage, Red White & Bloom’s portfolio boasts superior brands and proprietary product development capabilities. We are focused on a “house of brands” strategy in premium cannabis product lines.

Scientists & Horticulturists
Most Experienced

Our team is comprised of individuals that are continuosly at the forefront of the Cannabis industry from operations to technological advancements.

First Mover Advantage

Provides opportunity to establish an MSO that enters markets at scale and generates efficiencies translated to the bottom line.

100+ Locations

Proposed investment and acquisition targets to have 100+ dispensary locations across multiple states with our near-term expansion plan.

Largest National Player

upon completion of proposed acquisitions and investments by revenue in U.S. based on the potential to expand to other states.

Our people.
The backbone of our businesses.

Who We Are

We are an approachable, collaborative and focused group of people who love what we do and are really proud of it.

We take pride in what we do on a daily basis and always want to ensure American’s are consuming nothing but the highest quality, most premium cannabis products.

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Our Mission

To be the most superior and recognizable cannabis company in the United States.

Our Vision

Building on first mover advantage we can offer scale, proprietary product development and a focused house of brands for all consumers to enjoy.

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We work hard at everything we do, and that includes creating an environment that our employees love. Interested in hearing more? We are looking for the best. If you think you could be a good fit, click the link and send us your best pitch!

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Our Presence in the U.S.

Starting with our significant investment in Illinois and pending acquisitions in Michigan and Massachusetts, our goal has always been to become a national cannabis brand. Adding to this, we are examining many opportunities in California and Florida, the first and third most populous states, to launch at scale and attract a large share of cannabis consumers. We believe these locations provide optimal branding opportunities, strong revenues and the ability to make the biggest impact in American lives.

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“We only enter large markets at large scale.“
Brad Rogers
CEO & Executive Chair

Red White & Bloom Leadership

Brad Rogers

An extensive track record of building successful businesses in the cannabis sector.

Grew two of Canada’s largest cannabis producers to a combined market cap of $2 billion.

Environmental Impact. Social Justice. Corporate Governance.

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It’s our time to BLOOM! RWB is committed to world-class standards in Environmental Impact, Social Justice, and Corporate Governance. Fostering public and local input, equitable leadership opportunities and removing systemic structures that marginalize, we are working to reduce the number of people imprisoned with non-violent cannabis offenses. We strongly encourage enhanced expungement practices, ensuring returning citizens have fair access to the cannabis industry.



If you have questions about Red White & Bloom and its proposed investments and acquisitions or need more information, visit our Investor Portal.

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